Peer-reviewed articles and papers

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Blog posts, reports, and presentations

Titles in Digital Book Collections  (2016)

Entry for LSE/ICL text hackathon: Live text prediction in Shiny (2016) | code and slides | shinyapp|

Benoit, K. and Nulty, P. (2015). More than Unigrams Can Say: Detecting Meaningful Collocations in Political Text Paper presented at the New Directions in Analysing Text as Data, 2015, New York University

Quantitative Text Analysis. Presentation at ICSA Workshop Series on Open Source Research Methodology in Support of Non-Proliferation (2015)

Nulty, P. and Poletti, M. (2014). The immigration Issue in the UK in the 2014 EU Elections: Text Mining the Public Debate. Presentation at LSE Text Mining conference 2014. | code and slides |

Retrieving and parsing linguistic expressions of political attitudes. Computational Social Science workshop at ECCS 14. | code and slides|

The European Elections in Ireland. Guest post, LSE Euro Crisis in the Press blog

Tools and Methods for Quantitative Text Analysis. LSE Big Data Seminar series presentation. (2014)

Benoit, K. and Nulty, P. (2013). Classification Methods for Scaling Latent Political
Traits. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science
Association, April 11-14, 2013, Chicago.